Lori's Side of the Story: Over the River and through the Snow!        

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Over the River and through the Snow!

 We went to my parents' house on Sunday and guess what....it snowed and snowed and snowed some more!  We were snowed in!  What did we do, you ask, for 3 days while we were snowed in?  Well......

We did a lot of that!  The boys were loving the hill mom and dad have in their back yard.  It's the perfect size hill, big enough to go fast and small enough to climb back up easily.  They even went out once at night with a spotlight.  One time Grant lost his glove and had to come in and enjoy a 'warm-up' with blankets, hot chocolate and grandma.

Dad brought home an airplane game for the computer and that kept the big boys busy for quite awhile.  Every 5 minutes they had to switch to avoid the bickering that goes along with being snowed in.

We ate a lot including these delicious brownies that mom whipped up with Grant's help.

We watched a lot of Olympics:

Grant played football (in the living room) :o(

And Dylan played leggos in front of the fireplace, the best place in the house.

We also went over to the church to play basketball (a little perk of parents with keys to their church).

We made it home safely Tuesday afternoon just in time to guess, what....play in the snow.
Matt built an awesome fort.
Dylan (and Jack) made a snowman:


HAPPY WINTER to the boys and the mom's:

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