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Monday, January 9, 2012

90 years old

My Grandma turned 90 on January 4th and we celebrated with an open house.

I think she looks amazing for 90. I can't imagine how she felt looking around at a room full of people that wouldn't be there (literally) if it weren't for her; 4 daughters,4 sons-in-law, 9 grandchildren and their 7 spouses and 1 girlfriend, 13 great grandchildren! I really feel so lucky to have grown up so close to her. I have many wonderful memories of being at her house playing hotel and restaurant with her, hanging sheets on the line, making beds, ironing, sitting on the arm of her chair and doing crossword puzzles, helping her cook, and I may or may not have packed a suitcase (or 2) to run away to live at her house:-) It sounds funny that I enjoyed so many housekeeping chores with her, but I did. I think of her every time I make beds or hang something out to dry and I would say every time I iron a handkerchief, but those times have changed. Oh, I also spent hours with her while her hair was drying in the drying chair that used to be in my bedroom (my mom was a hairdresser). We played trouble and I modeled clothes and God only knows what that poor woman had to endure in my Holly Hobby bedroom while she was held captive under the dryer...And, every year before school would start she would come pick me up and we would go to Lazarus downtown and she would buy me my 'first day of school' dress and we would go to lunch...good times. I just liked being with her, it didn't matter if we were doing dishes or shopping. Happy Birthday Grandma, love you 'bushels'!

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  1. That is so nice, Lori. You should send that to Grandma - she'd love to read that.