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Thursday, January 12, 2012


While I worked on a sewing project for Jack's school, Grant typed on our old typewriter right beside me.

He typed and typed. He typed our names over and over until he could spell them by himself. Then he typed things like 'red ranger slice sword' and 'baseball' and then he had to highlight the words, of course. Oh the best part was that he was dressed up like a ninja the whole time.

For Jack's homework today he had to draw a picture of our family and list some adjectives about us.

When I looked closely at the picture, he drew roller skates on Dylan's shirt (Dylan recently discovered roller skating), a batman helicopter on Grant's shirt (one of his birthday toys), and on his shirt he drew a person skiing which made me a little sad because Dylan had his first ski trip on Monday and loved it and now I realize that Jack really wants to ski too. I think he was tired of drawing by the time he came to me because not only did I not get a picture shirt, but I don't have feet either :-(. Anyway, he puts a lot of thought into everything he does and I love that about him.

I'm loving the adjectives too, sort of a little ego boost for our family, yea!

And the last picture is of visitors we had for dinner...

Dash and Spiderman!

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