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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas festivities

Christmas Eve we headed over to my sisters for lunch with my mom's family. I think she said there were 31 people! It was fun and the basement was full of loud boys!

The parents took turns monitoring them, no harm done, just boys being boys. Between my one cousin and I, we supplied 6 of them :-) I did get a few moments to chat with my aunts and cousin about the good 'ol days

Before long, we heard bells and saw a man in a big red suit -Santa!

After the presents, Santa read us a book and was off and we were soon to follow as the boys had to prepare for their roles as shepherds in the church play.

Can you even stand it? They did great and we headed back to our house for dinner with Grammy and grandpa farmer.

A few gifts were opened and the boys got ready for bed.

To be continued.....

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