Lori's Side of the Story: New lows        

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New lows

Earlier this week, I threw (not really) the boys in the car to drop Dylan's friend off at home and cash a check at the drive thru. While in the drive thru, the nice teller was explaining Chase's holiday program where they randomly select a customer every five minutes and pay for their purchase up to $200. It was free and he asked if I would like to sign up? Sure. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. He said great and if I would just pull around and come in the bank to sign the paper and get my money, he would have a customer representative waiting for me....OK? No, not OK! I reluctantly pulled around. Why reluctantly you ask, well remember how I threw everyone in the car? I was in my slippers and Grant had no shoes on at all! What to do?! I decided to park in front of the glass doors and lock the boys in the car so I could see them and shuffle on into complete my transaction in my slippers :-(. It only took a few moments and no one commented on my slippers, at least not to my face. I have sunk to new lows...what's next, wearing my pj's in public?
P.S. Can I just add that apparently not everyone shares in my embarrassment of wearing lounge wear in public. Have you seen the large number of people, adults, wearing pajama bottoms in public?

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