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Monday, January 10, 2011

The weekend

Saturday was a pretty laid back day (sorta). We had basketball practice in the morning, Matt spent the day cleaning out the garage and preparing for an evening meeting, we had two extra boys over to play, I went to Marshall's (yea), completed some projects that I've been wanting to do for a long time, and started an incredibly hard puzzle at the kitchen table.

I re-covered that lamp shade, oh yes I did, and I love it.

I made a pillow out of the same fabric which again, I love. and

Fixed up a wreath I got on clearance, sorry for the picture.

Then....Sunday morning at 3:30 am two carbon monoxide detectors went off in our house! We grabbed the kids, pillows, coats and dog and headed to my sister's house, it was 1 degree outside, brrrr! Matt and a friend went back to the house Sunday with a meter and did not detect any carbon monoxide and bought all new co detectors and smoke detectors. The good news is the detectors are all reading 0. The other news is that the furnace guy just submitted our estimate for a new furnace which will be installed this week...
AND after we got home last night and put the garage door down, all the springs broke on our garage door! AHHHH!

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