Lori's Side of the Story: Superbowl        

Monday, February 4, 2013


The Ravens weren't the only ones to be nearly upset during the Superbowl.
First off, the children's choir from Sandy Hook had me in tears before they even opened their darling mouths to sing.
Then, when Alicia Keyes was singing the national anthem, I looked over and Grant had his hand on his heart (tissue please).
Oh, then the big ol' football players with the tears running down their faces after the anthem, that kept my tears right on coming.
I mumbled something inaudible to Jack and Grant about America and hard work and football and they looked a little worried about my mental state.
Wait, there's more.
The commercials were brutal.
I liked the Jeep commercial narrated by Oprah about our soldiers AND my favorite was the Ram truck commercial about farmers, oh, I loved that one. My judgement, by the way, was based solely on the amount of water coming out of my eyes.
I was spent by the time the fourth quarter was over, then they showed that poor 49er sitting on his bench after the loss with the confetti streaming down-waaaa.
At that point, I couldn't take anymore, I collected my tissues and went to bed.

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