Lori's Side of the Story: Three down        

Monday, February 18, 2013

Three down

Jack woke up Sunday morning with a high fever so he and I headed into children's hospital because of his neutropenia (low white blood counts). He had tests run which were negative and his blood counts came back above average so he was discharged and we came back home for r and r. He was fever free today, sore throat and headache, but feeling much better.

Monday, today, Jack and I hung out at home. Matt had the other boys out to Mt. Gilead and then the farm and texted me around 1:00 that Dylan wasn't feeling well and was asleep at the farm- headache. I'm thinking maybe a sinus infection...

Fast forward to this evening. We got the kids to bed and medicated and everyone was comfortable...or so we thought. 9:30 Grant came downstairs crying about a stomachache and proceeded to throw up.


They don't have school tomorrow so hopefully everyone will rest and recover and, please Lord, not spread around the stomach flu.

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