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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's day prep

We've been baking some Valentine cookies but I don't think they'll last until Thursday.

The younger boys have been making their Valentines for school. Grant decided to make hedgehog Valentines since his class just finished The Mitten by Jan Brett. We found a picture on pinterest by coolmompicks.com and cut out our own.

We worked a little bit every night, he loves to craft :-)

And Jack wanted to use some of the erasers that everyone is collecting these days so I found some erasers at target and he came up with the saying 'Have a treat on me for Valentine's Day'.

I was busy making a few little valentines of my own. I read a blog post on Beneath My Heart about 'sock cupcakes' and made my own version for the boy's teachers.

I bought some fuzzy slipper socks at target, rolled them up, wrapped paper around them with a ribbon and a tag that reads 'a sweet treat for your feet, happy valentines day.' Oh, and I stitched a little pompom on the top like a cherry ;-)

I'm also prepping for Jack's classroom party.

I'm just hoping my littlest valentine feels better. He's been on the couch all day with a fever and sore throat :-(

Daddy's taking him in tomorrow for another strep test. Poor baby.

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