Lori's Side of the Story: Rain, rain go away        

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Even Lilly is longing for the nice weather we had earlier this week:

She's been staring out the windows all afternoon with her 'baby' in her mouth, sorry Lil.
One thing that always makes a day better, especially a rainy one...Amish cinnamon bread:

Dylan wouldn't let me take his picture, but that boy loves bread and this one is his favorite.  It is a starter that you have to mush and 'feed' over 10 days.  Every morning he asks what day we are on for the bread and today was his lucky day even if it is pouring rain outside.
Now Grant on the other hand, his day isn't so lucky.  He is very grumpy, he screamed the entire time I was checking out at the grocery this morning.  He was standing in the cart and screaming for Recees cup, he almost fell out and then when I told him he couldn't ride 'Sandy' the penny horse because he wasn't behaving, well that pushed him over the edge.  I was sweating and trying to keep my cool but not doing a very good job.  The cashier was sooo nice  (I'm pretty sure she felt sorry for me) she offered to have a bagger stand with my 2! grocery carts so I could pull up and load without getting drenched in the rain.  I took her up on her offer which pleased me but infuriated Grant because he thought for sure that the bagger was going to steal our groceries! I was thinking on the way home about how as a parent you get it all, the very best moments and the very worst moments with your kids.  But I'll take it all; the good, the bad, and the Grant- oh I mean the grumpy :o)

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