Lori's Side of the Story: Ready, Set, Boo!        

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ready, Set, Boo!

Just getting set for Halloween around here:  mending torn costumes, finding clothes to wear underneath costumes for beggar's night, explaining to Grant that pirates don't carry around dart guns during trick-or-treat, worrying about Dylan's costume looking cool enough for 4th grade, calling around to find dry ice for a classroom party punch bowl, looking for gloves to handle the dry ice so as not to get burned (?), finding recipes for orange popcorn, scheduling a trip to the grocery to buy corn syrup for the orange popcorn recipe, buying books for teachers who are celebrating birthdays on the same day as the Halloween parties, finding a candle and matches (am I allowed to bring matches into school?) to lite a birthday candle for that teacher, buying apple cider and cups and spoons, decorating water bottles for games, deciding whether to toss candy corn or candy pumpkins into buckets for a game,  ditching the pin-the-nose on the pumpkin game due to fear of spreading HINI germs,  making name tags for goody bags, stuffing goody bags, and just generally driving myself crazy trying to make sure 3 little boys have a great Halloween. What we wouldn't do for our kids.

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