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Saturday, October 31, 2009

School parties

Jack's class and party pictures:  Don't you just love the angel in the back casting her blessings upon her class!

During Jack's party we bowled with pumpkins, tossed candy corn into pumpkins, made a bat craft, made jello jack-o-lanterns, face painted and shared spooky apple cider (which turned out awesome by the way, I love dry ice!)and donut holes.  We even managed to sing Happy Birthday to his teacher and serve her a big donut with a candle!  So much fun!
Now on to Dylan's party:
First there was a big parade around the playground:

That's Grant loving on his brother.  His friends can't get enough of Grant and he just eats it up.

Back in the room they had a snack and played the mummy wrap game.  The room mom had them wrap one partner, then un-wrap them, and wrap the other partner.  The first partner worked out great, the second one was virtually impossible.   One team was able to complete both mummies without ripping or wadding up the paper.  Then they received their goody bags which contained a very loud, but pretty cool, whistle which was heard for the rest of the day at the Winger house.  Today it has been 'misplaced' ;-)
Fun times that are well worth all the work!

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