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Monday, July 12, 2010


We took Dylan and his friend to camp Mowana on Sunday. This is the camp where Matt and I met 17 years ago. Ahh memories! We checked him in and got him all set up in his cabin, Uncas.

We introduced him to his counselor and then he had to change for his swim test. He and his friend passed the test and then back to the cabin to change and say goodbye. I found out the basic schedule so I sorta know what they'll be doing throughout the day... He was excited to go and I know he'll do fine and that it will be a great experience for him. It is a really beautiful special place. I still worry though. Just mom stuff, like is he washing, eating, wearing clean clothes, using bug spray and sunscreen, did he find his flashlight, is he too hot too cold, is he sleeping, pooping, peeing, brushing his teeth, is he hanging up his towels to dry???????? I've checked the weather 6000 times and then I look at the clock and try to figure out what he is doing....OK, now it's 10:30 pm, he's fast asleep in his cabin and all is well or is it....YES it is!

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