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Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're on bacation!

Grant has really enjoyed the car tip thus far. He saw golf courses ( lawns in the middle of the mountains), a giant baseball, bolkswagons, and really big climbing walls (mountains). He studied some of Matt's popular science magazines and some computer magazines, "Wook at dis dad!" "Do you beweeve dis dad?" and my favorite "oh.......my......gosh, daaaaaaad, did you see dis?" We tell him what state we are in and he keeps talking about South Carolina, Birginia, and North Carolina which seems to be his favorite. He is curious about the ocean, "is it deep?" and the hotel, "are there beds?" Hopefully he'll be as jovial today on our last and shorter leg of the trip.....

Rest stop picture debacle.....why can't they just sit and smile? Oh yea maybe because they had been sitting for like 7 hours.

And our first beetle friend, his body was seriously like one and a half inches long!!!
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