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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out with the new, in with the old

8:30 am and we were heading out to mow. Dylan agreed to help (only because of the lure of money for vacation). Grant was playing, Jack was listening to music and I was supervising (encouraging Dylan in his exhausting efforts). Then the mower died. Matt has to start our mower because it jerks my arm clean out of the socket every time I pull that blasted string. Well, matt had an important call so he couldn't help. So I pulled and jerked and blistered my hands and finally got it started, and then it died again.....I pulled and pulled and it just died as soon as it would start! What is a sweaty mother with a list a mile long of things to get accomplished today supposed to do whilst her children are now arguing and the grass is continuing to grow and the temperature is climbing? March to the shed, open the doors and pull out this old-timer, that's what!

Oh yes I did. I pushed that mower and the boys all thought it was cool and each tried it out for about 3 minutes until it lost it's coolness. Dylan did mow most of the front yard while Jack and Grant fought over who got to ride first over the skateboard ramp!!!! 11:45 and in for lunch. Ok, the boys were all settled and I went back out to finish the back yard. 12:30 and the yard is done!!'!!!!!!!!!!

The pain from my arms distracted me from the sweat rolling down my, well sweat was everywhere, it was not pretty. I have to admit, this old guy did a good job and it was very quiet and it didn't need any expensive gasoline and my arm is still attached.

So, 'new' mower, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Sitting in the shade while the senior mower worked circles, well lines, around you, tsk tsk tsk. You better have a good excuse for your behavior!
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  1. That's a hysterical post, Lori. You had me laughing out loud!