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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My all-star

Dylan's all-star game was last night. The boys started out with a home run contest. Each of the 24 boys got pitched to by the coaches and were allowed 10 outs. The winner hit 3 over the fence! A timed base run contest followed and finally the ballgame started at 7:30. By this time it had cooled off to a chilly 95 degrees :-). Each boy was announced and ran out to home plate. Dylan was the last one to come out and ran out with his hands in the air like he had just run a marathon!

Each boy received a medal and then they brought out the American flag and a girl sang the Star-spangled Banner. Bring on the lump in the throat...

It was an exciting game, great plays in the infield and outfield and at bat. The final score was 5-5 in an extra inning. Great way to end a game with the best players. Dylan got one of the points for his team and played very well. He hit every time up and got to play catcher, his favorite position. We got home at 10:30 and here's a picture of my all-star:

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