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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer storms

We headed to the Franklin county fair this afternoon. The radar showed big storms were to arrive as we neared the entrance, so we headed to a park to sit in the car and wait it out. It got really black and the wind blew really hard, but no rain so we headed to the fair and had a really nice day (not to mention a 'bucket o fair fries', a funnel cake and a lemon shake up). As we were watching a circus show, the skies started looking a little grey so Matt checked the radar and it showed a big storm coming so this time we hit the road. Lucky for us as it poured down, I mean 'pull off the side of the road' kind of rain. We made it home and it wasn't raining here....but when we pulled in our driveway we realized the storm didn't miss our home at all. My umbrella was splintered and stuck in our picket fence, we have several big limbs down including one on top of the play set, my fire pit cover was blown against my neighbors house, all my patio cushions were blown all over the yard and my table was overturned. Dispite all that junk the worst disaster was in my garden...

my corn is all blown over! One lone stalk is standing :-(. This morning it was tall and beautiful and tasseled and now.......(I took the picture out our back doors and its blurry because it was raining soo hard). When the rain let up I took a look and it doesn't appear to be broken off, just bent over.

Oh well, I guess I will wait and see what happens. As for now, the storm is over and this is the picture out my back door:

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  1. How sad about your garden! Maybe it will come back? Not really sure how that works though.