Lori's Side of the Story: Ocean and fire ants        

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ocean and fire ants

We made it. Our place wasn't quite ready so we headed to the beach, just to check it out.....well three boys were quickly drenched so we decided to change into our swimsuits in the bathhouse and just go for it! We had a great time. Grant kept getting mouthfuls of salty water and running up to the the towel to wipe his mouth and then 'charging' back to the water as fast as possible with his fists in the air. Jack found a live starfish which was awesome. We watched it move for a long time and then decided to let it go. We also found a bunch of live sand dollars in a tidal pool! Dylan is an expert at floating in on the waves and can't wait to try out our boogie boards tomorrow.

Anyway after the ocean, we checked into our cottage, went to the grocery, fixed dinner, and went on a night bike ride. We rode throughout a golf course and got wet from the sprinklers and a passerby told me there was an alligator at the next bridge and wouldn't you know it, there was! An alligator laying right at the edge of the water, nothing between it and us...????!!!!! The boys could not believe it and were terrified!

Doesn't it all sound lovely? Well don't forget to throw in a couple meltdowns, 100 degree heat, and fire ants attacking my feet as we were locking up our bikes (ouch!). There now, that's more realistic.

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  1. Wouldn't be a vacation without a couple of life threatening situations and a meltdown or two. Keep it real girl!! :o)
    Hope that you guys have a great time. The last day at the beach for us we saw jellyfish and a small (8 inch or so) sand shark. That was the end of ocean swimming for me.
    Have fun Wingers! And let's pick a day to have you all out when you get home.