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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Better late than never

On our way home from vacation we stopped at the South Carolina state capitol. The grounds were beautiful.


The original canon holes from the civil war are still in the Capitol building, they are marked by gold stars.

The monuments were impressive.

The last picture with Jack was a monument dedicated to the end of slavery. It was a semi circle with many different scenes. This next one was my favorite, it was dedicated to the women of South Carolina.

These next few pictures of the crepe myrtles were taken at a rest stop. A man was laying on his back taking a nap under these, how peaceful.

Matt and I were amazed at all the trees being planted as we drove through the mountains.

And lastly, a scenic overlook.......

the fog had a good laugh at us, but the jokes' on him because I think the picture turned out pretty neat anyway.
That about does it.
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