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Monday, August 16, 2010

Our day

Today started out good, a bike ride around the neighborhood where the boys ran into some friends and rode with them for while. Grant did start crying about 10 seconds into the bike ride because his brothers are faster than him :-(. I loaded him onto the back of my bike and away we went, tears flying. Home and the fighting ensued in the back yard, sorry neighbors. I did manage to weed the garden in between time outs and tantrums and name calling :-(. We had a good lunch including a watermelon from our garden. Then the dreaded cleaning out of the closets for fall, ahhhhhhh! I bribed them with a bike ride to dairy queen, and it worked. They tried on everything they owned, my how they have grown. Dylan said one of his shirts itched his "man boobs"!! It's still making me laugh. Onto Dairy queen on the bikes and home for rest and reading, thank heavens. While Grant was resting, the big boys got all dressed up in their fatigues and played war outside for awhile then dinner for all but Grant who refused to eat and was sent to his room. Dylan started to mow, then quit, then mowed, then quit, then mowed, (you get the picture) until the back yard was finished. Skate boarding followed (a few wrecks and arguments) and showers (major fighting upstairs) and reading and bed. Today was busy and frustrating and as I was saying this out loud tonight, I decided that today was just fine because we were together and healthy and things could be much worse. Then we got a phone call. Matt is off to Riverside tonight to meet his friend whose mom was life flighted there a few hours ago, that puts things in perspective. Our day was just fine.

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