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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Top Shot Birthday

Dylan's 'top shot' birthday was Saturday night. We had 13 boys here and boy did they have fun! Matt was in charge of the games this year and he did an awesome job! He divided the boys into two teams, green and orange.
Orange team :

And green team:

He told them to line up dumbest to smartest, they scrambled around for awhile until they figured out the joke. then onto the first game. The boys had to pop the other teams's colored balloon with darts.

Game number two was shooting nerf guns at Velcro targets, standing backwards, looking through a mirror.

Game number three involved creating your own marshmallow gun out of pvc pipe and shooting marshmallows at the opposing teams' tin cans.

Next up was breaking the other teams' plates using slingshots, I know it sounds like fun, doesn't it? A few moms and dads tried it out too :-)

Onto the unconventional pinata. Matt and our neighbor, remember the ones who got the award for the best neighbor, invented this cool pulley system. The boys had to fill one bucket up with golf balls to create enough weight to slowly tip over another bucket hung high in the tree filled with candy.

And finally the cake.

Happy birthday Dylan!

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