Lori's Side of the Story: Tomatoes and birthday garland        

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomatoes and birthday garland

I know, totally unrelated, but I wanted to post both pics.

It is harvest time! My freezer is bursting with delicious tomatoes. I've been known to just slice one of those babies up and eat the whole thing!

I saw this cute paper garland on the Pleated Poppy Blog and I had to make one for Dylan's green and orange birthday party. So cute and so easy. The boys just handed me these circles and I sewed them all together in a long line-perfect! More on the party next week......


  1. i love the garland!!! i would've never thought of adding words and numbers to it, and layering the dots - definitely gonna copy you ;)

  2. you are the most famous of my friends...
    big hug to you.