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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wooden Barbies

The other day Jack was playing outside with some little toy guys. He made a fort in the grass and built some stuff out of sticks. He played out there for a long time. When he came back in, I told him that when I was little I used to play outside with my barbies in my Grandma's back yard by a creek. My suntan barbies and I spent many an afternoon playing camping down by Grandma's creek, good times. He asked if my barbies looked the same as the barbies today. I told him mine weren't as fancy as the new barbies. Then he asked if they were made out of wood! Wood? No Jack, I didn't have to widdle my barbies out of a piece of firewood. I'm not quite that old :o)

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  1. We also had the pink Barbie wooden corvette (with square wheels) and wooden Barbie mansion, too. LOL.