Lori's Side of the Story: I failed fingerprinting!        

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I failed fingerprinting!

I have to get fingerprinted for my new job so Grant and I went downtown to Action for Children. I had my $55, exact change no checks and filled out my paperwork and waited my turn. The people were incredibly nice and even gave Grant a brand new musical book, great. When it was my turn, I went back and had my fingers scanned about 20 times and guess what, my fingers did not cooperate! The fingerprinter offered me cream, I pressed hard and softly, nothing worked. She needed 6 good prints, not today. She asked if I had ever had trouble getting fingerprinted, well, gee, NO! It's not something I do on an everyday basis! Anyway, she suggested I head down to the columbus police department to get them done. If they don't work there, they have to 'ink' me. The good old fashioned ink, yea, bring it on.... except I had Grant and the big boys were due home shortly, forget it. I'm going to our police department tomorrow morning, keep your fingerprints crossed!

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