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Thursday, January 3, 2013


A little boy in my preschool class came to school yesterday with a new shirt on with the world on it. I was talking to him about his shirt and he was showing me where we live and where Africa was and so on...I told him I had a cousin who lived in Sudan with his family. He asked if I had been to Africa to see him and why he lived there. I told him that my cousin was a missionary.
Student: What's a missionary?
Me: It's a person who travels to places where people don't know about Jesus and teaches them about who He is.
Student: Well....... (Long pause while rubbing his chin)....who's Jesus?
Me: He is God's son.
Student: Oh.
Me: Do you go to church or Sunday school?
Student: Well, I know about Christmas!
Me: Oh, Christmas is when Jesus was born.
Student: What?! What's a missionary again?
Me: It's a person who spreads good news about Jesus to people who don't know Him.
Student: Oh. (Pointing to the toy on the floor) Is that our new classroom toy that Santa brought?
Me: Yep.
Student: Exit stage left :-)

And that was the extent of my witnessing for the day, short and sweet.

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  1. That's awesome! You might be the first person who ever told that kid about Jesus, sister. You're a missionary right there in your preschool!