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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Three wins

Three basketball games yesterday and three wins!
Grants game was first and 'the Shamrocks' were awesome. He has a team made up of a lot of the youngest brothers in families. The boys were so excited, there was a lot of hopping going on as you can see in the picture below (Grant has the blue shoes that are not touching the ground). Grant even fell off his chair one time when he was sitting out :-)

Jack played next and had a great game as well. He is a great defender and is quick on his feet. He is in the purple in the middle of the pack #0.

Dylan's game was last and it was a nail biter, but so fun to watch.

They won by 2 points and Dylan really started being aggressive picking up 4 fouls. He's #4 below.

We got home at 9:00 pm, everybody showered and we celebrated with some cake and ice cream and then everybody crashed!

In addition to the busyness of the games, both sets of grandparents visited, Jack went on a hike and then bowling with scouts, my mom and I did a little shopping, we had lunch with my sister and niece and nephew, my dad's brand new car incurred two bruises:-( , Matt installed a new garbage disposal, we watched the first half of the buckeye game, and had dinner with Matt's parents.

Life is good (except for the car mishaps)!

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