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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random thoughts

I saw more kids today at preschool with their fingers up their noses than I can count, seriously. I just love when their little fingers are shoved way up there and they are digging for 'heaven only knows what' and I ask if they need a tissue and they respond 'no'. I had to change my reaction to, 'go get a tissue and wash your hands!'

Dylan got a homework assignment today that I am actually looking forward to. He has to do laundry, woohoo! It's for his Family and Consumer Science class. He has to sort, check for and treat stains, wash, fold and PUT AWAY and we get to grade him on his job performance.

Dylan's school called today at 10:30 am and reported him absent? What? It scared me to death because he left this house at 7:45 am to get on the bus. Apparently, he wasn't in his assigned seat when the teacher checked attendance. He was talking to a friend in a different seat and she marked him absent? That seems so ridiculous to me. She knew he was there because she saw him in a different seat, maybe she could have marked him tardy, but absent?

Grants's teacher brought a tear to my eye (in a good way) during conferences today when she showed me a piece of Grant's schoolwork. He wrote a sentence about me and drew a sweet picture. She said she had to show it off to the other kindergarten teachers :-) Jack's report at his conference was glowing. He scored in the accelerated area on some reading comprehension tests and is in the top math group. He and Grant have wonderful, caring teachers who I am truly grateful for.

Matt and I attended an open house at city hall tonight. It was a little appreciation/get to know each other gathering for the city council and the various committees that support Gahanna. Matt is serving on the landscape board for Gahanna so off we went (me, reluctantly. I hate going places where I don't know anybody). I was ready to crawl into a corner when I spotted someone I thought I knew...thank heavens! She taught at Stonybrook a few years ago so she and I chatted the rest of the time. I thanked her for saving me and she said the feeling was mutual :-)

Dylan babysat his brothers twice this past week and did a great job. When we got home, no one was crying or complaining, so we called that a success!

I put up a few decorations for Valentines day. Grant and Dylan made the paper chain above my sink together during a babysitting adventure. Notice the open window? 60 degrees in January?

'That's all' for now, as my Papa used to say.

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