Lori's Side of the Story: Nevertheless        

Friday, January 11, 2013


The rain, much to my boys' dismay, is washing away all of our beautiful snow. Over break, Jack made a giant Santa hat out of snow in the front yard to welcome visitors for a party we were having. He spelled the word 'Santa' out of sticks too. Here's what left:

Pretty sad. I guess the upside is that the temperature is in the 60's today, the boys didn't have to wear boots to school, I have a window open in my house, and the sun did shine for just a little bit.

My devotional this morning was about always trying to find something to be thankful for in all situations by ending a complaint with a 'nevertheless' and then a positive aspect of the problem. Like 'the snow is melting, nevertheless, the temperature was very warm and springlike'. Or how about a very irritating day with a coworker (perfect example for my day)....nevertheless, I have a job. Hard, but worth a try.

I've gotta run and switch the laundry, nevertheless, we have clothes to wear and a means to wash them. This could be really hard....

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